Online Learning Opportunities

There are an incredible number of learning opportunities now available to support the professional development and community engagement needs we face. Captured here, in one place, are a variety of different learning opportunities. Some will help you move to virtual interactions with your patrons, some will help you expand your existing knowledge base, some are activities that you can share with patrons who want to engage themselves or their children. Do you know about a great learning opportunity? Please share it with us through the form below!

Browse the list or go directly to one of the featured resources, reviewed and recommended by WLS staff.

Do you know about a great learning opportunity? Share it with us here!


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Workshops at WLS Headquarters and Regional Locations

Staff workshops are available on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on recently added or updated resources. Most sessions last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Get more information and register at Look for programs like these:

What would you like your staff to learn?

On-site Sessions

How can WLS help your staff learn about the Evergreen ILS, WLS eResources, and technology tools as part professional development initiatives? How will your staff most benefit from an hour-long, on-site development session? Contact the WLS trainer via this form that has ideas and scheduling options.