The WLS Read, Listen, and Watch webpage has links to WLS downloadable and streaming content, including ebooks, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, comic books, and international news sources.

What’s New

OverDrive has provided free access to ebooks on this list of Everybody Reads Spanish language titles for kids starting October 1, 2021. The collection includes 70 ebook and read-alongs that will be available for simultaneous use through 10-1-2023.

OverDrive has provided free access for 1 year to Social and Emotional Learning titles for young readers (5 audiobooks & 41 ebooks). These materials are available for simultaneous use, which means they’ll be great for young reader book groups, classes, and teachers. See the list of Overdrive Simultaneous Use Social and Emotional Learning Titles available through 2022-04-30.

2021 Big 5 Publishers’ Lending and Purchasing Models

Macmillan has extended its expanded use of content through March 31, 2022 for teachers, librarians and parents. Learn more

Coronavirus eResource Quick Guide-1-1-2022 printable information for patrons

Digital Resource Synopsis 1-1-2022 – a printable chart for staff that includes highlights and lending information for content eResources

Content eResources Overview Presentation

WLS Digital Resources 2022 (printable)

4-Step Mobile App Setup Quick Guide

  1. In your browser, go to the WLS site or your library website and access the digital resource
  2. Set up an account or make sure you can log in
  3. THEN add the app to your mobile device
  4. Log in using the account you set up on the full website

WLS Listen Read Watch Webpage  hoopla registration screen  hoopla on app store  hoopla app login screen

Content eResource Quick Guide-print-half-sheet

eBooks,  eAudiobooks, and eReaders

OverDrive videos provide step-by-step help for all kinds of devices.

OverDrive Video Help

There are THREE OverDrive-related apps and a different process for eBook readers.

Looking for more OverDrive training? Check out OverDrive’s Library Staff Training webinars, on-demand, and how-to videos .

B&N Nook & WLS Wireless
 eBook Collection – Freading




Hoopla Presentation Slides (printable)


Q. Where should patrons go for help?

A. Library staff can provide patrons with this list of technical support links.

Q. What content formats does hoopla offer?

A. hoopla includes audiobooks, ebooks, music, and streaming video.

Q. Where can I get help with hoopla?

A. There’s a lot of information on their Help page.
**An important thing to note: the limit on the number of items is per month, not at any given time; in this regard, it works more like Freegal than like OverDrive.

Q. Why won’t hoopla music and video play on my desktop?

A. hoopla music and video require Flash Player. Make sure that your browser allows it to run.

Q. Can ebooks be renewed or returned early?

A. Digital materials – ebooks, eaudiobooks, and other materials – are not integrated into patron accounts.

Overdrive ebooks and eaudiobooks are

  • renewed in OverDrive

Hoopla items (ebooks, music, movies, comics, and TV shows) are

  • always available. Due dates depend on the type of material.
  • can be returned in Hoopla
  • rather than renewing items, a patron borrows the item again when the initial load period is up

Q. My RB Digital app audiobooks won’t pick up where I left off when I’m listening in the car with bluetooth. How can I make it keep my place?

A. In order to make the app start up where you left off listening, turnoff the app BEFORE you turn off the car.

Q. How does Overdrive Advantage Plus work?

A. Advantage Plus allows Overdrive to function more closely to the physical lending model.

  • In addition to titles in the WLS collection, all Advantage titles and copies are available to all cardholders.
  • Also like the physical lending model, a library’s patrons get priority access to that library’s materials when filling holds.

Q. Has Total BooX disappeared?

A. Total BooX is no longer supported by WLS. Patrons who currently have the app installed and are logged in may be able to continue using it.

Q. What is Sora?

A. The Harrison Central School District and the Chappaqua Central School District have made the OverDrive Sora app available to their students. Through Sora, students from these and other participating school districts within the Southern Westchester BOCES School Library System can access and borrow from their school’s OverDrive collection ebooks and audiobooks and the WLS member libraries’ juvenile and young adult digital collections. Students can easily log into the WLS member libraries’ digital collections using only their school credentials/student ID. Member libraries can view the monthly usage of materials though the Sora app in the OverDrive usage reports. The Northern Westchester/Putnam and Yonkers BOCES School Library Systems are currently not partners in this initiative.

Q. What happened to Freegal?

A. WLS did not renew its Freegal contract at the end of 2020. The best alternate WLS resource for music is hoopla.

Q. Which digital resources are available offline?

A. On Windows 10, patrons can connect to wifi, download, and access OverDrive ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines on the OverDrive app. As OverDrive moves to Libby, the Overdrive app will be removed from app stores in early 2022 but will continue to function through 2022. The patron will want to get and install it sooner rather than later.

All other WLS digital resources except Kanopy are downloadable to mobile apps but not Windows 10 computers so that content is available offline.

Kanopy can be accessed through the app or an Internet-connected browser for online streaming only.

Project Gutenberg materials are available offline after download. The patron can install an app like Adobe Digital Editions and download epub files, or can open html format in the browser and then save the webpage as a txt file to read in Word, Notepad, etc.

Patrons need to contact individual libraries directly for information about digital resources that they provide for their patrons, like Cloud Library or Ancestry.

Q. When was PressReader retired?

A. PressReader newspaper and magazine digital resource access ended on December 31, 2021. Check Overdrive for magazine content. Its accessibility features that met WCAG 2.1 standards were available in an inclusive mode option. Learn more

Q. When did OverDrive acquire RBDigital?

A. OverDrive acquired RBDigital and began a transition of materials from RBDigital platforms to OverDrive and Libby in fall 2020. Here are resources regarding the transition: