2017 – Present Finance Model

In 2016 a new, cost-based Finance Model was developed by the PLDA Finance Committee in conjunction with WLS and approved by both PLDA and the WLS Board. The Model implementation began in 2017 and will take place over a four-year period though an escalation ladder. The escalation ladder is attached to the Model for each year of the implementation until the Model is fully implemented in 2020.

2019 Finance Model and Escalation Ladder

2018 Finance Model and Escalation Ladder

2017 Finance Model and Escalation Ladder

Explanation Document v0.5

2011 – 2016 Finance Model

2011 – 2016 Finance Model Explanation
This document outlines the structure of the 2011 – 2016 Finance Model including what statistics are used to compile the document, how they are applied and a history of how the model was implemented. This document also contains the changes described in the “Approved 2014 Changes” document below as well as how those changes were applied to the Finance Model.

Approved 2014 Changes
Following the implementation of the 2011 – 2016 Finance Model these changes were applied to provide a more meaningful invoice. The changes outlined in this document did not actually change member fees. Larger sections of the model were broken into smaller ones, using the same metrics to calculate them, thereby creating more specific invoice lines without impacting the application the existing model.

2016 Member Fees

2015 Member Fees

2014 Member Fees

2013 Member Fees

2012 Member Fees

2011 Member Fees