Online help is available at for the following:

There are three ways to contact the help desk

  1. Call (914) 674-3616 for urgent issues and login questions.
  2. Send an email to
  3. Registered users (up to 3 per library) may sign in and submit a request via the online portal.

To contact us through email or the online portal, send one request with RELATED issues.
For example, “3 examples of an item not circulating correctly” in one email is ok. “The OPAC is not working, can’t edit a note, holds not trapping” is not ok.

Please include:

  • A text description of what you were trying to do when you got the error, ESPECIALLY,
    • Item name and barcode ID
    • Patron name and barcode ID
    • Relevant details
  • A screenshot of the error message you received, preferably by using the Snipping tool.

To use the online portal

Any staff member can contact the WLS help desk via phone or email for help. Each library has chosen up to 3 staff members who are registered in the online portal so that they can submit and track the progress of their work orders. dude solutions login screen

  1. Go to the Dude Solutions portal at
  2. Enter username which is your work email address
  3. Password — 8 character, 1 number, 1 upper case
  4. From the dropdown, choose Help Desk.
    Note: selecting any other option will prompt you to start over.
  5. Click Sign in.

You will receive an email to confirm the account. Follow the link to confirm your account and sign in.

Once you’re signed in, on the help desk request page,

Choosedude solutions request dropdown menus

  • Work type
  • On Behalf of (optional) – enter a registered username
  • Location – your library
  • Building – leave blank
  • Area – (optional) part of building affected

Enter a description, including:dude solutions request sample

  • A brief, 5-word description of the request
  • The VDI workstation name from the bottom right corner of your desktop screen
    eg. WLS001
  • A text description of what you were trying to do, ESPECIALLY if applicable,
    • Item title and barcode ID
    • Patron name and barcode ID

Create Ticket

To track a work orderdude solutions my tickets link
  • Select My Tickets.
  • A list view of submitted work orders displays.
  • Use the Pencil icon to edit, cancel, or clone your work order.  Click Close when finished.
  • Click the Plus icon to expand your ticket view.  If the work order is complete, the resolution will display beneath it.dude solutions work order ticket list

WLS Help Desk & Support (printable)